Considerations to Make When Replacing a Residential Roof

There are a lot of aspects that can conclude how and when you replace your residential roof. A lot of individuals are also counting on roofing companies to help them fix damages to their roofs brought on by daily wear and tear and severe weather.  

You will possibly be contacting a roofing company soon as well if you are planning for a roof replacement. However, you also have to understand exactly what a roof replacement requires before you do that.  

Here are several things that you have to consider if you think it might be time to replace your roof: 


In the long run, not waiting too long to replace a roof can save you a lot of money. Ongoing leaks on any roof could lead to the deteriorated and rotten sheathing. This adds up a lot to the cost.  

Roofing Over vs. Removing Old Roof 

A lot of professionals don’t suggest installing materials over shingles. It’s crucial to check the wood deck to make sure that the new roof is being installed over a safe structure. For those who don’t know, roofing materials are very dense. It can be risky to build on a structure that can’t support the density of the materials. You can consider roofing over an old roof under particular occasions, typically with flat roof systems. However, for the best solution, you have to talk to your roofer. 

Style/Look of the Roof System 

Specialty, slate, flat, metal, and luxury shingles materials have all a special look. You should pick a roof system that compliments the appearance of your property, aside from lasting for a long time. 

How Long Do You Plan to Stay? 

Usually, individuals who are planning to live in a house for many years tend to invest a lot more in the roof system. This will help them prevent having to frequently replace it. The choice to go with a higher or lower grade material varies on what you’re searching for as far as your ROI (return on investment) when replacing the roof on a rental property.  

Slope of Roof 

Slope or pitch (steepness) of the roof, or particular areas of the roof, plays a huge part in what form of roof would be perfect on that surface. A roof is considered a low slope roof if it has a flat to 3:12 slopes. In almost every occasion, for best performance, it should obtain a membrane roof system. 


An architectural style shingle is the most economical and popular option for a residential reroof. You can opt for this if you’ve got a tight budget. This type of roof system is an improvement from the regular grade, 3-tab shingle. While this shingle can offer an excellent quality roof, it can endure gusts up to around 55 mph. On the other hand, an architectural roof can endure around 120 mph. Typically, the difference in cost for the investment is worth the improvement if that increase can be accommodated by your wallet. Talk to your roofer for more information.