Reasons to Plant a Native Tree in Your Region

Every tree has to begin somewhere. That is they there is a possibility that the trees you see while walking in the park or down the street came from your birth state. These trees are also known as native trees. They are species of tree that are found naturally in your area and are thriving there for many years.  

There are a lot of excellent reasons why you have to think about planting a native tree the next time you plant.  

Benefits of Planting Native Trees 

There are a lot of excellent benefits when you plant a native tree. Aside from benefiting the wildlife, native trees could also help humans.  

A lot of animals, birds, and insects use native trees for shelter and food. They will be happy when you plant them.  

Native trees are well-acquainted to the climate of your location. Thus, if you live in an area with extremely hot or cold seasons, they’ve got the perfect chance of survival.  

Though trees that aren’t native may not do great up against local pests, oftentimes, native trees do not have a lot of pest issues.  

Helping the Environment 

You help local wildlife thrive and live whenever you plant local trees. For years, creatures such as butterflies and birds have looked to native plants for shelter and food. These creatures can decline quickly when there are not enough native trees around. That is the reason why native trees are crucial. They are supporting the ecosystem of your local area. 

Drawbacks of When You Plant Native Trees 

Just like any other things, native trees could come with several disadvantages. For beginners, they are often difficult to find. Not every local tree service company prioritizes native plants. This, you might have to do some research to find that you are searching for.  

Next, native trees are not safe always. Simply since a tree came from your area, it does not mean it is meant to thrive in your lawn. For instance, a tree that’s native to your area may thrive perfectly in well-drained and sandy soil. However, perhaps the soil of your yard is usually over-saturated and clayey. Also, if you have a mainly shady landscape, a tree that is native that grows in complete sun will not thrive great.  

Because of that, you’ve got an excellent chance of growing a healthy and happy tree whenever you plant with the certain needs of the species in mind. This includes soil environment, space, and climate.  

What Are the Ideal Native Trees You Can Plant? 

Though the list does not cover every native tree, they are an excellent place to begin if you are looking for a new tree to plant. 

  1. Southwest Region 
  • Black Cherry 
  • Western Soapberry 
  • American Smoke Tree 
  • Bald Cypress 
  • California Black Walnut 
  • Western Redbud 
  1. Southeastern Region 
  • Southern Magnolia 
  • Loblolly pine 
  • Live oak 
  • Royal palm 
  • American sycamore 
  • Dogwood 
  1. Northwestern Region 
  • Oregon crabapple 
  • Red alder 
  • Western white pine 
  • Douglas fir 
  • Bigleaf maple 
  • Pacific dogwood 
  1. Midwest Region 
  • Black gum 
  • Boxelder 
  • Kentucky coffeetree 
  • Ohio buckeye 
  • Eastern white pine 
  1. Northeast Region 
  • Eastern red cedar 
  • American hornbeam 
  • Serviceberry 
  • Striped maple 
  • Red mulberry